Each trip will start and finish with prayer. This is not intended to make people feel uncomfortable, but to strengthen us together, and help us be the men God intended us to be.

Prov 27:17  |  Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.

When you are in a successful position, the most valuable commodity is your time. We have figured out a way of having time to relax, connect, and disengage (kind of), while connecting with like-minded individuals.

Our goal is to create “REMARK”able opportunities for you to have an amazing time, and at the same time connect with those who are like-minded.  People who understand where you are, connect in an environment that is away from the chaos, and give you an opportunity to have fun, connect, and learn from peers.

Executive Experiences is a traditional private membership, Christian-oriented social and recreational organization. Our purpose is to create connections among our members by providing the highest quality products, programs, activities and services.

When you take time away from work to give yourself time to relax, your creativity will flourish. You will laugh more, your network will expand, and so will your business and relationships.