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Executive Experiences is an invitation only group. Please fill out the form below if you are interested and we will contact you, you must be referred by someone in the group.  

What we are not:  We are not a networking group specifically. It is a peer to peer group, designed to build better entrepreneurs by encouraging time out with others of the same mindset. This will result in having more rich and relevant conversations that will help sharpen our saw.  This group will do many things that are geared toward pushing you to try new things, most importantly all our events are about connecting with people of the same mindset.

If you want to know what type of people we are…we took a poll recently from our members and here is what we found.

On average….

  • Our members do annual sales of 9.29 million in their businesses.
  • Our members spend less than 2 hours a week watching t.v. or online videos.
  • Our members have an average of 25 employees that work for them.
  • 92.6% of our members get up between before 6am daily.  
  • We are all born again believers in Christ.

Membership includes all the costs for activities each month.

  • Provisions for meals.
  • Provisions for equipment if you don’t have any.
  • 6 activities per year
  • 6 connection meals per year.

View our brochure