“As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.”  Proverbs 27:17

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Arthur Greeno



“I found that when I put things on my calendar that create opportunities to spend time with rockstars while having a blast, it makes it a priority in my life. This helps me be more balanced in business, life, and in my relationship with Christ. ”

-A. Greeno
Chick-fil-A Franchise Owner

“Over my 20 plus years in business I have been involved in so many different groups. Nothing can even come close to what I personally have taken away from EE. Getting the opportunity to meet with some of the biggest leaders in business have been monumental for me personally and my business. Not to mention the one day events have made me make time for myself to do something fun. The guys in this group have been first class and the more I get to know them the more I grow and become a better husband, business owner, leader, father, and friend. If I had to give up all the groups I am in but one this would be the one I would keep.”

– Joel Wiland
J. David Jewelry

“I have been blessed to be a part of Executive Experiences from the very beginning and it has played a vital part in where I am today. This past year has proven to be one of the most challenging years for me, yet it was one of the most exciting as well. The company in which I built over the past five years with someone I highly respected and trusted was stripped away from me and I lost it all in August of 2017. If it was not for my full trust in Jesus Christ, a supportive wife, and the strong bond with the Executive Experience men, I am not sure where I would be today. I have launched a new company and am on track to recover from this season. This group is more than financial status. It is about faith building, encouragement, and vulnerability, all while making memories that last a lifetime. Thank you EE!”

– Jeremy Warren
Peak Sign and Design / OklahomaBanner.com

“I would recommend Executive Experiences to any high-level professional who wants to connect and experience life with other successful business owners. The experiences are not ones that I would take the time and effort to plan for myself, though I secretly wish that I would. One of the great benefits of being a member of Executive Experiences is I don’t have to worry about the logistics of the adventure, all I have to do is show up!

Aside from that, just from casual conversations with like-minded individuals, I’ve learned strategies that saved me over $18,000 on my home purchase, allowed me to optimize some key operating procedures in my business, hire better team members, and grow in my faith. It’s an amazing group of faith led men. I am being sharpened and I love it!”

– Clarence Fisher

“Seeing other guys that perform at high levels pushes me to become better. I know I am not alone. Meeting with giant successful people and being able to interact with them is something I love about this group”

– John Rothrock
CEO of Yale Cleaners


“Owning and operating a business can become a daunting task after 10 years of the grind.  And one of the things that I get to do each month through EE, whether through meeting with they other members or going to a bucket-list event that they have planned.  It changes my perspective in a positive way.”

Cory Minter



Learning and connecting come from creating opportunities to learn and grow with one another. 

It is one thing to have a speaker come and tell you what to do, but it is another to be able to ask them about the details of their success – either in business, family, or relationship with God.  We can work and grow together, while overcoming obstacles. At the same time we will be having fun, making memories, and doing unique things others wish they can do (or have only seen on YouTube).

Feeling good doesn’t just happen

Living a life in balance means taking the necessary time to renew yourself.


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