“Over my 20 plus years in business I have been involved in so many different groups. Nothing can even come close to what I personally have taken away from EE. Getting the opportunity to meet with some of the biggest leaders in business have been monumental for me personally and my business. Not to mention the one day events have made me make time for myself to do something fun. The guys in this group have been first class and the more I get to know them the more I grow and become a better husband, business owner, leader, father, and friend. If I had to give up all the groups I am in but one this would be the one I would keep.”

– Joel Wiland – J. David Jewelry

Influence From the Experts:

Chick-Fil-A Headquarters

A part of elevating yourself and your organization is surrounding yourself with world-class people and best-practice systems. A company that operates at the “next level” consistently is Chick-fil-A.

Chet Cadieux

We learned about the systems QT uses to implement high level of accountability and the concept of Trust and Verify.

Jill Donovan

The Rustic Cuff Phenomenon. How she created a unique culture that people long to be a part of, birthed out of being embarrassed on the Oprah show. Her ingenuity, creativity, and business savvy has taken a home-based business to a national brand.

Mart Green

We toured Hobby Lobby and spent time with Mart Green at his Legacy house. We learned about how they literally give away 50% of their profits to other organizations while expanding the gospel of Christ. We also learned how they priced and created the profit making machine that is the monster business that Hobby Lobby is today.

Stan Clark

Founder of the world-famous Eskimo Joe’s. Stan now runs multiple businesses, including multiple restaurants. He also now has a promotional company that is doing very well. He shared amazing stories and things he had to overcome, including how one of his companies was in the red 9 years running before it got where it is today.  Awesome.

Lee Cockerell

Lee Cockerell

We got to spend time with Lee Cockerell from Disney World Resorts. Not only did Lee come and talk to us about Customer Service Magic, but he had an exclusive dinner with us as he answered questions from our members.

Fred Zink, Owner of Zink Calls & Avian-X - Duck Hunt

Fred Zink, Owner of Zink Calls & Avian-X

“If you want different results, you’re going to need different tactics.- Amazing how hunting and business go hand in hand. One of our trips got blessed with Fred showing up as a special guest, and a television crew to record the monumental 60 birds that these guys were able to bring in.  It was a unexpected trip of a lifetime!! “

Redneck fishing tournament

Dove Hunting

Hobby Lobby/Indoor Skydiving

Skiatook Fishing

Sooner fishing Trip

Eskimo Joes/Duck Hunt

Just blowing stuff up